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When thinking about women, the common words that came across the minds of thousand people is UNEQUAL. These words are more highlighted when we talk about Women in Islam. But the reality is quite different. The importance of women in Islam has been highlighted in our holy book “Quran” and also by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Such inferior thinking about women confuses the ideology of Islam with the cultural practices of our community. We are then failed to identify that Islam has given major rights to women since the beginning of 7th century. Islam highlights the thought that women should not be considered as substandard or unequal in comparison to men.

Islam focuses on the rights, responsibilities, and roles of women and has also given high importance of gender equality. There was a time when a girl is born in a family, she is then buried alive in Arabia. In previous era’s, women were also considered as a property that can be transferred from one man to another. Islam was the only religion that has protected women and given them exceptional rights.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), who gave the message of Allah (one God) to all the human beings and asked them to be merciful to others so that Allah can also shower his mercy on you. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) altered the mindset of Arabs regarding the conduct against women. Islam is the religion of harmony and it has eliminated the practice of murdering the female child alive. Women in Islam are given freedom, respect and dignity.

Allah has declared in Quran that men and women are equal. Quran says that

Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you…” (49:13)

Allah has given high Importance to women in Islam and stated the rights, responsibilities, and roles of women are equally balanced with men but all rights are not the same.

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